Dream of: 13 September 1989 "Opening A Law Office"

An elderly female relative and I arrived at a house in Portsmouth which appeared to be next to the Ressinger House. A woman named May, who was my great aunt, lived there. I had decided I was going to live there with her part of the time, and live the other part of the time in Texas, where my wife lived.

May (perhaps 70 years old) wasn't able to take good care of herself. I was on the front porch when she came to the door. She forcefully grabbed my hand and shook it. I told the other woman with me that May had a strong handshake. I remembered someone had told me once before that May had a strong handshake.

The three of us walked into the house. Almost immediately I began stacking up some newspapers which were scattered around the house. I also saw some old telephone directories which I thought should probably be thrown into the trash. I walked into the living room and saw some books which May had apparently been reading. That pleased me, because I thought perhaps May read a lot, and would be cultivated. Although the majority of the books appeared to be popular ones, I saw one written by Ernest Hemingway.


I was thinking about what I was going to do in Portsmouth. I doubted I would work there. I was thinking of opening an office in another city, perhaps Washington, D.C. At the same time, I was thinking of opening an office in Mexico. I still had an office in Texas, where my wife was living and I knew I wasn't going to completely close that office. Perhaps it would be possible to work some in Portsmouth and to have an office in the Gay Street House. I thought my father would agree with that, but I doubted I would do it.

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