Dream of: 12 September 1989 (2) "Needing Physical Contact"

I was riding in the back seat of a car which was being driven by my father along Gallia Street in Portsmouth, Ohio. My sister was sitting to my right and my brother Chris was sitting in my lap. We passed by the public library, where a construction crane was apparently being used to move a large slab of pale rock which was part of the library. It looked as if the library were undergoing some renovation.

It was a sunny October day and the weather seemed almost perfect. I had been planning this trip for quite a while, and I told the others the weather was just how I had imagined it would be.

My sister had put her hand under my butt. I didn't mind it and wondered if she were trying to feel my butt. Most of my attention was occupied by Chris. I hugged him, held his face close to mine, and kissed him. I finally realized since Chris couldn't move much because of his muscular dystrophy, he needed more physical contact than normal people. I wished I had always given him that attention.

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