Dream of: 12 September 1989 "Pumping Gas"

I was driving a large old truck along a hilly road which appeared to be in southern Ohio, going in the direction of Cincinnati from Portsmouth. I was low on gas and I decided I should pull into a gas station as soon as possible. I knew that there was one not too far ahead. But before I reached the one I was thinking about, I saw another gas station on my right and I slowed down to pull into it. I had to pull up a sharp incline as I turned into the station, and I almost didn't have the power to do it.

I managed to pull in. Four cars were already getting gas, two on each side of the pumps. But just as I arrived, one pulled out leaving space for me to pull in. I hopped out of the car and began pumping gas. But instead of putting the gas into a regular gas tank in the truck, I began pumping it into a metal can which appeared to have a lot of junk in it, and in the process I dropped some money into the can, a twenty and several ones. But I didn't stop pumping the gas, and I figured I would just pull the soaked money out when I finished.

Before I knew it, I realized I had put about $17 worth of gas into the can. I looked at the pump to see what the price per gallon was, because it occurred to me that gas might be very expensive out here. But there was no price on the old-fashioned pump. I decided to immediately stop and just pay for what I had already pumped. I could get more gas later at a cheaper station.

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