Dream of: 01 September 1989 "Life Is A Cabaret"

I was living in an upstairs room of a house in which Mark Linnemon, Tim Storer (both members of the Dallas Zen Center) and some other people were also living. I wasn't getting along with the others, and apparently they were thinking of moving out. Four of us walked into a large room used for meditating and each of us sat at one end of a large, rectangular table, intending to meditate for a half hour. After we had meditated for 15 minutes, I realized the others were going to move out, and that therefore there was no reason to continue meditating together. I rose and walked into the next room.

When I heard the others begin talking about their moving out, I walked back in and asked them about it. They admitted that indeed, they were going to move out.

Since the rent for the whole house was quite cheap, I decided I would simply rent the whole house for myself; no one seemed to object.


The house was actually located in Patriot; my uncle Liston and my uncle George had also been living in the house. Since I was going to be taking over the whole house, someone asked me if George was going to be able to stay. I said, "Sure, he can stay."

The others began discussing the matter, and I realized someone was going to have to pay rent for George. I also overheard someone say that every day George's diaper had to be changed between two and four o'clock. I told them I was definitely not going to be able to do that. I thought perhaps a woman could be hired to come in every day and change his diaper. I thought about the Swivers, who lived across the street, and I remembered that one of the Swivers' daughters used to live over there; perhaps she could be hired.

If we didn't find someone to take care of George, he wouldn't be able to stay; he would have to live with my uncle Liston Jr. I thought it would be Liston's responsibility.


I encountered Haim, who told me he was going to be leaving Waco and moving out of the large house in which he had been living. I told him that I likewise was going to be leaving, and I mentioned the house into which I was planning to move. Haim left, and it occurred to me that it might be better for me to move into the house which Haim was leaving. The house was actually a mansion which he had somehow been able to rent cheaply.

I went over to Haim's house and found his wife, Susan, there. I talked to her about the possibility of my renting the house, and she said, "I'll have to talk to Haim."

I walked back outside and began walking down the street. A car containing a group of people pulled up next to me. Liza Manelli was sitting in the front seat. With a large smile on her face, she looked right at me. I realized the people in the car were a group of cabaret singers who were coming to sing at a cabaret opening in this town. Liza stepped out of the car and it appeared that she was going to start singing the song, "Life is a Cabaret." She looked so happy that I felt like singing along with her. She was about 30 years old, had dark hair, and was very pretty.

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