Dream of: 31 August 1989 (4) "Wrinkled Prostitute"

I was behind the counter of hotel where I apparently worked. It looked as if I no longer practiced law. A woman who was apparently a prostitute was sitting in a chair in front of the counter and was begging me to let her work there. I finally said I would, mainly because I felt sorry for her. I looked closer at her; she looked as if she were 60 years old and all wrinkled up. She said she would work as a prostitute just to keep from freezing. But I didn't know who was going to pay to have sex with her. She said that she was a real woman and that not a man in the world could play her.

I asked, "What was it you're going to try to do?"'

It looked as if she were going to take off her clothes in front of me and get on her hands and knees. I felt thoroughly disgusted.

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