Dream of: 31 August 1989 "Praying To God"

I had just arrived in a city in Russia and I was riding a bus through the streets. A man and woman were sitting next to me on my right. After the woman spoke to me (in English), I began talking with them (the man also spoke English) and they told me they had also just arrived in Russia. I was glad to have someone with whom to talk, because I didn't know anyone here.

As we chatted, the woman glanced at a notebook which I was carrying. On one page, I had written (in French) something about praying to God. I figured it didn't hurt for them to see what I had written, especially when they informed me they were part of a church group visiting Russia.

I myself was seriously thinking of moving to Russia. As we passed through the streets bedecked with signs written in the Russian alphabet, I thought about how I would have to learn the Russian language if I lived here. It would probably take about a year to learn Russian. If I moved to Russia, I would probably bring Carolina with me, and she would also have to learn the language. Although I was unsure Carolina would want to move to Russia, I thought she would probably come if I wanted her to.

It was important for me to move to Russia because I needed to begin practicing international law. Clearly I wasn't going to undertake international law unless I removed myself from the United States. Russia seemed like a good place to begin. Of course it might actually be better to start in Germany, especially since I already spoke good German. I should probably give the idea of moving to Germany some serious thought; Germany might be better. And I thought Carolina would probably go to Germany with me.

The buildings which we were passing didn't seem to be of the highest caliber. I imagined that all buildings here were built by the state and not by private enterprise. That would account for the poor quality.

Finally I noticed a jet fighter plane sitting in the middle of the street, straight ahead of us. Although the plane stood quite high, it was very thin, as thin as the men sitting in the cockpit. Just as we reached the plane, two men climbed out of it, right in our way. Since they didn't appear to be moving, it looked as if the bus was going to have to stop to avoid hitting them.

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