Dream of: 29 August 1989 (2) "We All Love God"

if symbols in dreams

are designed by god then the

stories are divine

A man was driving a car in which a woman was riding in the front passenger seat, and in which I was sitting in the back seat. Since I knew that the driver was on the verge of graduating from law school and that he would soon be seeking employment, I was considering the possibility of hiring him to work for me. Since I was contemplating moving to a small town to start up a law practice, I thought he might be able to help me. The more we talked, however, the more I realized he would probably want too much money. Besides, he said something about just working for a year and then returning to law school for a master's degree. Apparently he seemed to think if he worked for someone for a year, the person would afterwards be obligated to pay for his education. I definitely would not be interested in that. I also thought my style of law practice would be so different from anyone else's, working with someone else would be difficult for me.

As we continued our journey and passed through what appeared to be a small college town, the woman in the front seat suddenly blurted out something about feeling a hurricane. I was unsure what she meant, but it looked as if she had felt a blast of wind through the open window next to her. Almost in the next instant, the car began to shake until it was suddenly picked up in the air.

Instantly I realized that we had been hit by a tornado or hurricane and that we had been hoisted into the air by the powerful wind. I figured we would quickly drop back down to the earth, and since we did not yet appear to be far off the ground, I hoped no one would be seriously injured by the fall. However, I knew it was possible that someone could be badly hurt.

Instead of falling, however, we continued our giddy rise with the car turning round and round, over and over. I held onto the back seat, almost floating at times. I tried to remain as calm as I could, attempting to determine on which side the car would land when it hit the ground, and where would be the safest place for me to be inside the car. I also tried to look out the window to determine our altitude, and whether other cars were also being blown around by the wind, but the constant churning and turning of the car made it too difficult to discern what was happening outside. At times I could only catch fleeting glimpses of the world far below. Clearly we were in an extremely dangerous situation; we might even die.

If we were going to die, I wanted to think of God in my last moments. I also wanted the other two to contemplate God and in order to plant the thought of veneration in their minds, I called out, "We all love God."

As we continued to be carried by the wind, it occurred to me that perhaps we were already dead, and that this was what it was like after death. Thinking that this existence might not be so bad, I wondered if it were possible to get outside the car. The woman in the front seat - who appeared to be thinking the same thing - either opened the door, or slipped through the window to the outside. I instantly became alarmed because I was afraid we might lose her while she was outside - I definitely did not want that to happen. When she finally floated around outside to the back window, she looked in at me and said that it was wet outside, and then, before my startled eyes, she eased straight through the window into the back seat, as if the window were made of water. The sight of her passing through the window was truly amazing.

By now I thought indeed we had all been killed in the hurricane and that we were now experiencing life after death. I tried to recall the exact instant when we had been killed, but I could not; I thought the transition from life to death must have been very smooth. I had little remorse about having died. I was mostly concerned about my father and my mother, because I hoped they would not grieve for me. I wished I had some way to tell them not to mourn, but I also realized that the matter was of no great concern.

Since I was still curious about the world outside, the woman and I soon slipped together out of the car which now seemed to be floating atop a billowy cloud like a ship on the sea. The woman told me that the cloudy substance felt like water, and she seemed to suggest that we could hold onto the rear of the car like skiers and ski along behind it.

I liked the idea, but I was beginning to have one regret about dying: I realized I had never finished writing any books while I had been alive, and if I were now dead, I would never be able to sate my need to write. It seemed as if writing the books had been the one task I had needed to finish before dying.

Only now did I notice that I was carrying a small, portable typewriter with me. I knew I needed to hold onto the typewriter if I ever wanted to have any hope of writing, but somehow I released the typewriter, allowing it to drift away from me on the cloud. Then, however, with what appeared to be a life of its own, the typewriter began skittering along behind the car until it caught up with me. I grabbed the typewriter and held on to it tightly.

When the car finally seemed to come to a stop, the woman stood next to me in the cloud. She was about 20 years old, with black hair and bright red lips, quite beautiful. She seemed somehow related to me, almost as if she were my sister (not my actual sister), yet she also seemed to be my lover. I felt close to her and I also felt fortunate to have her with me. I certainly did not want to lose her. I thought if I could simply have her and the typewriter, there was little else in life which I needed.

Noticing a rock wall next to us, I set the typewriter on it. I thought I could just sit right here at the typewriter and work on my book. Somehow I did not think it was too late to write my book, but if I were going to do it, I definitely needed to work on it.

Being here was truly pleasurable. And in the background I seemed to hear singing. As I concentrated on the song, trying to hear the lyrics, it seemed as if I myself were composing the song. The tune was about the woman who was with me, and although I was enjoying the song, I knew it was rather amateurish. I heard in a strong, robust voice the words, "Oh baby won't you light up the skies, let the sun shine through your eyes, and keep me tonight."

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