Dream of: 29 August 1989 "Presidential Candidate"

I had been chosen by one of the national parties in the United States to be candidate for president. I was going to have to give a speech in about an hour in front of several thousand people, and I was trying to decide what to say. Earlier my mother and I had gone over what I was going to say, but now I had forgotten. I found my mother in the kitchen of the house where I was and told her I didn't know what I was going to say. She didn't seem to know what to tell me, and I walked outside, trying to remember what I had decided to say.

Maybe I would simply tell the people something about my life. And I considered just letting the people ask questions instead of giving a speech. But I knew there would be some question about things I didn't want to talk about. But if the unpleasant questions came up, I would just have to answer them. For instance if someone asked me if I had ever been arrested, I would admit that I had been arrested five times. At least I thought none of the arrests were very serious.

And if they asked me about drugs or questions about my sex life, what would I tell them? If they asked me if I was married, I would have to tell them I was married to Carolina. In fact, Carolina would be there in the audience; I might even point her out. Although she was 20 years younger than I, I didn't know whether the age difference would be held against me.

It then occurred to me I had had a dream the previous night about what was going to happen when I gave the speech. In the dream I had been trying to smile a lot, even though I wasn't used to smiling so much. I had also noticed my pants had been too short. I might begin my speech by telling the people about my dream. I might say I had been smiling like the president named Jim which they had a couple presidents back. I might even tell them that as president I intended to be telling them my dreams. I was unsure that was what they wanted to hear; but I might tell them that anyway.

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