Dream of: 27 August 1989 "Latin Poetry"

I was sitting in a classroom with four other students and a teacher. We the students were sitting in chairs arranged in a semi circle, while the teacher was standing up in front of us. The teacher was a man (probably in his late 30s). We had been reading Julius Caesar's Gallic Wars in Latin. I felt as if I had an advantage over the other students because I had once read the entire book in Latin. So far we had only read a small portion of the book and I was uncertain whether we were going to read the entire book, although I thought we should.

The teacher asked us a question which seemed to be about what we would like to be studying in this class. He began asking the others and they gave their response. Finally he asked the woman student seated immediately to my right. She was probably in her 20s. When she responded, I was surprised that she said almost exactly what I had been planning to say for my answer. She said that she had been having trouble concentrating. She also added that she would like to be reading some political Latin writers.

Finally the teacher asked me to comment. I said that my answer would be almost the same as the woman's. I added that Caesar basically was just history, and that I would also like to read something dealing with politics. I listened to my own voice and I was surprised by its rich quality, although I did seem to be speaking hesitatingly.

Before I could finish, the teacher interrupted me and began talking about something else. I sat quietly, but impatiently, waiting for him to allow me to continue. Finally I said that I wasn't finished, and he told me that he would let me continue shortly. Meanwhile he handed us all a book which he said had been written by two men writing to each other. One was a Roman and one was a Greek, named Diogenes. I didn't think I would be able to read it, because I figured it would be written partly in Greek. But when I opened it and flipped through it, I saw that the entire book was written in Latin. Apparently the Greek had also written in Latin. I thought I might be able to read it after all. It seemed that the topic of the book might have something to do with poetry.

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