Dream of: 24 August 1989 "Church In The Background"

from whom all blessings flow

While visiting people at a country house which reminded me of my grandparents' Gallia County Farmhouse, I learned that almost everyone in the Farmhouse was going to go to a wedding at a church. I asked one woman - apparently a housekeeper or a cook - if she were going to the wedding and she said she wasn't going because the church was quite far away, apparently a couple hours, and the ride was going to be in a horse and buggy. I really didn't want to go myself and I tried to think of some way out of it.

Then I found myself in a buggy being driven by my mother ... we were on our way to the wedding. When we arrived at a small village, my mother told me she was going to pick up someone who turned out to be my old friend Roger Anderson (whom I first met in 1967 when we started the tenth grade together). She said that Roger would be ready, but he wasn't. When we pulled up in front of a building which looked like a little store, Roger walked out onto a banister on the second floor. He was still wearing his blue boxer shorts and trying to pull on his blue jean pants. It looked as if he would need a few more minutes to get ready.

I thought I would also be more comfortable in blue jeans than in the dress slacks which I was wearing, although I thought the dress slacks would probably seem more comfortable today because of the wedding.

The church wasn't much farther from this village. We only needed to travel down to a main road and then turn left. It seemed a bit as if we were in Oak Hill (around fifteen kilometers from the Farm) on the road which runs out of Oak Hill toward Ironton.

I was surprised when I learned that "The Who" would be playing at the wedding since The Who was so famous and this was such a small wedding. I began wondering if all the seats would be taken. I even wondered if people may have been waiting around the church for a week to make sure they would get their seats. I also wondered what would happen if someone else famous showed up to contrast with The Who, someone like Billy Graham. I could just imagine The Who posing for a picture with Billy Graham.

I finally sat down in an area outside the church where rows of folding chairs had been set up in front of an area where The Who was going to play in front of the church. The Who would have their backs to the church and would be looking out at the audience, which had already begun to take their seats.

My wife Carolina was sitting next to me on my right. She looked particularly gorgeous today. She was wearing a pink dress which accentuated her shapely body and made her look like a living doll. Surprisingly, seated on my left was the most famous member of The Who. As he sat with Carolina and me, he watched the sound equipment being readied for the performance.

I was further surprised when he began talking to me, and a bit flattered because I figured the other people gathered here must think that I was special because he had taken an interest in me. Perhaps 30 years old, he was slim, had stringy black hair and was dressed very casually. As he talked to me, I had a problem understanding what he said. He spoke English, but he seemed to have a British accent, and he seemed to be talking poetically. When he finally bent over and began talking directly in my left ear, I quickly realized that he was speaking the lyrics of one of his songs, and I concentrated and tried to understand what he was saying. Although the lyrics seemed somewhat rough, they were quite poetic and enjoyable to hear, even though I didn't fully understand what was being said. He in fact stumbled at one point in his recitation, but quickly picked it back up again. I again tried to concentrate fully on what he was saying.

His being so close to me and his taking such an interest in me made me wonder if he might be homosexual. I tried to detect something of that nature in what he was reciting to me, but I was unable to tell precisely, although I did have the feeling his lyrics would be frowned on by most members of society.

When he finally pulled back from me, I looked at Carolina, who was standing in front of me, and I wondered if he was interested in her. She was so beautiful, I hardly saw how he could resist. I thought of trading places with her so she could sit by him, just to see what he would do, but I didn't. Instead he took my left hand and put it on top of his head. I almost felt as if I were blessing him in some way, but I wondered if the people around me might think I was doing something sexual with him.

When it was time for the music to begin, I saw that the fellow had taken his place up front with the other musicians. He was standing by himself behind probably four other members of the band who apparently played the instruments while he sang. After the music began, I wondered if they would play Pinball Wizard. I remembered having heard that song before and having never really cared for it.

Most people seemed young, perhaps in their teens. As the music continued, some people moved toward the front and began dancing. I wondered if the seats were going to be pushed to the side as more people danced in front of the stage. I felt like dancing myself, even though I knew that dancing was out of character for me. I vaguely remembered having once attended a rock festival where I had danced wildly in a group of people. Deciding to dance, I left Carolina, pushed some chairs out of my way and went right up front.

As I began dancing, I began thinking of what it would be like if I had taken an hallucinogen. As I thought about it, it almost seemed as if indeed I had taken an hallucinogen. I could feel a rush of energy flow up from my lower body to my head. It was almost like a volcano releasing its power. As I immersed myself more and more into the dance, I felt other rushes of energy surge through my body. Other people were also dancing and no one seemed concerned about my dancing. The lead singer with whom I had been talking earlier even came down from the stage and danced with us for a while, and then returned to sing.

Finally I looked around and saw that almost everyone in the audience had disappeared. I looked over to the other side of the stage and saw that apparently a fight had started and that the people had crowded around to watch the fighters. I walked over to see what was happening and saw that apparently three different sets of people were fighting. The fights looked particularly vicious, and it looked as if someone could get hurt. Some people seemed to be trying to separate the fighters.

All the while, the band played on. The band members were watching the fight, seemingly considering whether they should stop playing. The band did not stop playing and the music continued. Two fights stopped, but the third one continued. I watched as two men held another person, while a black woman slugged the man being held in the stomach. The woman reminded me a bit of Ms. Falls (a former legal client).

Finally the fight stopped. When a black man and a black woman walked up to me, I put my arms around them and pulled them close to me. It seemed as if they were married, but as if they had been squabbling with each other. As I squeezed them, I thought of kissing the woman. I even thought of kissing the man, but I didn't think I would like that.

Dream Commentary of March 27, 2015

The Holy Ghost constructs dreams in mysterious ways. The intelligence of the Holy Ghost seems as vast as that intelligence which created the cosmos. The construction of dreams appears as complex as that of the atom. Yet the Holy Ghost sends dream-messages which are simple enough that the average dream-journalist can comprehend them. Comprehension, however, requires a belief that dreams contain messages in the first place. It is difficult to see how one can believe in a message without also believing in a messenger, another name for the Holy Ghost.

To comprehend the message is to feel the spirit of the Holy Ghost.

The preceeding is an actual dream included in my dream journal, and does not describe actual facts

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