Dream of: 23 August 1989 "A Robbery"

I was in a dining room sitting at dining table served with food. A man who was my father and a woman who was my mother, along with other people were sitting around the table. Everyone was dressed as if they were from the nineteenth century. Apparently I had done something to make the man who was my father angry, and finally he pulled out a gun. I knew he was serious and was capable of shooting me, so when he started to point the gun at me, I ducked behind the woman who was my mother. I pleaded with him not to shoot and I told him he would regret it for the rest of his life. He hesitated, and when he was distracted for a moment, I jumped out and wrestled the gun from him.

When I had the gun in my possession, I pointed it at him and ordered him to stand still. I ordered him to take off the jewelry he was wearing, which included gold necklaces and several other pieces of gold jewelry, as well as a large headdress which looked like a Trojan helmet with the plumes in the middle. I said, "This was a robbery."

I began gathering the valuables together and I prepared to make my getaway.

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