Dream of: 21 August 1989 "Unresolved Differences"

My mother had called me. She began talking by saying, "Steve there's been an accident."

I immediately prepared myself, and for some reason I thought my father had probably been involved. I asked, "Who was it."

She answered, "Dad's dead." She added that the news must sound terrible to me.

I thought she probably was referring to my father, but I was uncertain. I felt sorry because he and I hadn't been getting along lately, and I felt bad that he would die without our having resolved our differences. I said, "Who?"

She answered, "Dad."

Still uncertain who she talking about I asked, "Who's dad?"

I was a bit confused because I knew she wasn't in the habit of calling my father "Dad." When she once again gave me an unclear answer, I asked her to speak the name of the dead person. She said, "Leroy."

I felt as if something, such as a pillow, had fallen on me, but I didn't feel shocked. It was almost as if I had expected him to die. I asked, "How did it happen?"

She explained that my father had been in his car and had been following my mother's car about five kilometers behind her, when he apparently had had three flat tires. When he had had the first flat tire he had been preparing to make a turn from route 180 onto route 183, or vice versa. Apparently intending to change the tires, he had pulled off the road.

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