Dream of: 19 August 1989 "Murder Mystery"

A woman with long black hair (probably in her mid 30s), who might have been my wife, and I had formed a close relationship with another man and woman (likewise probably in their mid 30s). The other woman also had black hair but it was short. One day the long-haired woman and I went to the house of the couple to visit. When we arrived, before going inside, we perceived that something was wrong, and we hid in a wooded area beside the house. We ended up sinking in some mud as we watched four men leave the house. The long-haired woman saw the backs of the heads of three of them, and got a look at the side of the face of the other.


The woman with the short black hair had been killed. The woman's husband was standing in the house when we walked in with mud all over us. He seemed practically in a state of shock as we told him we had seen the four men leaving, and that we had an idea of what one of them looked like. I thought we had a chance of tracking them down. We were out in the country and I thought they might even live on a neighboring farm. This place in fact somehow reminded me of the Pike County Farmhouse.


The man was terribly upset, and even seemed upset at us. I had the feeling that he might think that I had had a relationship with his wife. I said, "I never went to bed with your wife."

I didn't necessarily think that he would not go to bed with the long haired woman. We were all friends and I might not even object if he wanted to. We walked outside, continuing to think about the murder. It suddenly occurred to me that the man had a brother and a cousin who might have been involved in the murder. I asked him if he knew where they were. He seemed to likewise think they may have been involved.


It suddenly occurred to me I was dreaming. I thought I must be lucid. I thought I didn't really like this dream, and if I could change it I would like to be flying. But it seemed as if I were too aware now to be dreaming. I thought I would just wake up completely.

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