Dream of: 17 August 1989 "Strolling Around"

It must have been about mid-August, because it seemed as if colleges were going to start classes in a couple weeks. I had talked to Carolina about where she was going to go to college, but she had waited to the last minute and she still hadn't made any plans. I now wondered if it might be too late for her to even be accepted in college. I thought it might be possible for her to attend the college in Portsmouth, or The Ohio State University. Finally I thought of a wonderful plan. She could enroll in one of the colleges and then take an individual study course so she wouldn't even have to go to classes. Then we could live anywhere and she could study wherever we were. I remembered I had taken a whole years worth of courses that way myself, so I knew it was possible.

I had a question about where we were going to be living because I didn't have a job right at the moment, and I only had about $400. I couldn't really think of any jobs I might like. I considered the possibility of translating from perhaps German into English, and I remembered there was a place in Columbus which hired such translators. The only thing I would like to do was write, but I just didn't think I could make any money doing that at the moment.


I was walking around the streets of Columbus in the area of the campus of The Ohio State University. Another indistinct fellow was with me; he took me to a house where he apparently had rented a room. Although I didn't say anything to the fellow, I recognized this house as one in which I had once lived many years ago. It was very run down and the rent was cheap. I probably had paid about $50 a month when I had lived there, and I imagined he was probably paying the same.

Once inside, we encountered several other fellows with whom we began talking. The subject arose of where I was going to move. I thought about the possibility of moving to my Cabin, but finally I said I was unsure where I was going to move, but that I was thinking about moving to Mexico. Coppock (a former law school classmate) was among the fellows there; he said if I would move to Mexico I would end up dealing cocaine. I hadn't thought before about doing that, but now I said that was indeed a possibility. In fact when I thought about it, I could see with my knowledge of Spanish, dealing in cocaine could be a lucrative possibility. Coppock obviously thought it would be terrible to do that, but I had the feeling if he were living in Mexico, even he would be tempted to do so.


I was riding along a street in what I identified as Puerto Rico, when the traffic came to a halt due to an auto accident. I got out to investigate, and then got back on a bus which continued through the streets. It seemed strange to me that I was in Puerto Rico. I was unsure of the name of the city I was in, but I knew it was the largest city in Puerto Rico, and I thought it likewise might be named Puerto Rico. I watched the buildings pass by and seemed to see some ocean in the background. I liked being there, but I was uncertain what I was going to be doing. It seemed as if I had very little money and I seemed to have no plan for the future.

I finally asked the bus driver (a thin dark man probably in his 50s) if the bus would be returning to the same place where I had boarded. When he said it wouldn't, I asked him if another bus would be going back there. As we pulled up to what was apparently one of the last bus stops for this bus, a woman told me the number of two buses which I could take back. It seemed as if she said numbers twenty-four and seventy, and I repeated the numbers she told me over and over.

I stepped off the bus and found myself in a quaint area of old buildings. It seemed safe there and I looked around. I walked into what appeared to be a courtyard, and realized the building looked like a church. It seemed to me I had been dreaming a lot about churches lately, and now I found myself near one again. What did that mean? It looked as if some children might be inside; this might also be a school. In no hurry to leave, I just strolled around.

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