Dream of: 15 August 1989 "A Wonderful Prize"

Carolina and I had moved to a house or apartment somewhere in Gallia County. We were sitting in the living room with Altizer (a classmate from the fourth grade), who had stopped by to visit me. Altizer, whom I hadn't seen in quite a while, appeared to be in his mid 30s. I considered him to be my friend and we were happy to see him. He seemed to consider himself somewhat of a playboy now and talked about all the different women he saw. He said he dated 90 different women in one month. I was surprised so many women were available in Gallia County; I didn't know whether to believe him. He seemed a bit possessive of the women and told me the names of several women whom he didn't want me to take out. He also said something about how I shouldn't try to get his house and farm, or his car.

I was unsure whether he was joking or serious. I told him I had no intention of taking anything that was his, and that he in fact could have whatever he might want of mine. I thought I had acquired some land, perhaps 100 acres, which I really wouldn't want to part with, but that he could have it if it was an emergency. My old Honda Prelude wasn't worth much, but he could have it too, if he wanted it.

Finally, the conversation turned to Carolina; I indicated that even she could go with him, if she wanted to. I was startled to find that he showed an interest in that proposition, and that he indicated that she could go with him. Carolina meanwhile was just sitting there listening to what we were saying. She was about 17 years old and seemed so young compared to Altizer and me. She seemed as if she were just going to do whatever I told her to do. For some reason I became a bit angry by her seeming unconcern over where she was going to stay and I told Altizer he could just take her with him. I walked over to a closet and took a bunch of Carolina's clothes into my arms. I walked over to Carolina, who was sitting on the couch, and thrust them into her arms, almost burying her with them.

She stood up and was ready to leave with Altizer, who seemed overjoyed at the prospect of her going with him. Just as they were about to leave, however, Altizer slipped and said something about Carolina having been with him a couple nights ago. This was completely new to me;  I immediately stopped them from leaving and demanded an explanation of what Altizer was talking about. He suddenly looked very guilty and obviously he didn't want to say anything. But I demanded that he tell me, and finally he admitted that two nights ago he had taken Carolina with him to the house of some fellow named Derick, where there had apparently been a small party.

I immediately became enraged and told him to leave because Carolina wasn't going anywhere. I also told him I didn't want to see him over there anymore or anywhere around Carolina. He made a comment about that being just what he had expected. Obviously he didn't like the way things were turning out. He tried to act as if we were still friends, but he seemed to be realizing that I considered our friendship over. Finally he turned and walked out.

I now turned my attention to Carolina, who was sitting on the couch. It seemed as if it didn't make that much difference to her with who she lived, as if she were going to let me make the decision. I did remember that a couple nights ago she returned home late and had climbed in bed with me. I now thought I should have smelt her breath to see if she had been drinking alcohol or smoking anything.

I began asking her questions about that night. She told me Altizer did take her over to Derick's house. I had the feeling Derick was a drug dealer. Carolina told me that Derick had had some marijuana joints there and that she had smoked some of one of the joints. Then she had started dancing with another fellow who had been there. I could just see her in my mind dancing with the fellow.

I was suddenly feeling a bit different about Carolina. I now felt as if I really didn't want her to go from me and I wanted her to be with me. Although I hadn't been placing much value in her lately, she really was a wonderful prize. I definitely didn't want her going to live with someone like Altizer or Derick.

I asked her what Altizer was doing while the party had transpired and she told me he had been fighting. Apparently only three fellows had been at the party: Altizer, Derick and the fellow with whom Carolina had been dancing. Although several other girls had been there, all three fellows had wanted to be with Carolina, who had been by far the prettiest and freshest. So the fellows had been constantly arguing about who was going to be with her.

I didn't think she had actually done anything with them, but the next thing I was going to ask her was if any of them had touched her breasts.

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