Dream of: 14 August 1989 "Bat Cave"

I had been walking for quite a while along some residential streets, when I finally realized I was in the vicinity of Portsmouth High School. I wasn't sure where I wanted to go, but since Richard's News was nearby, I decided to go there. I hadn't been there in a long time.

I walked into Richard's News and saw the racks of magazines. I saw some cartoon books and thought I might buy one. I couldn't remember having ever bought a cartoon book and I wondered who did buy them -- probably working people with enough money to spend. I picked up one and looked through it. It appeared to consist of large one-page cartoons and I even read one.

I put the book back down and looking over the magazines again, I saw the comic book section. I noticed a Spider Man comic that said something about a "drug problem" in big letters on the cover, and I wondered if it Spider Man had the drug problem. I picked up a copy of Fantastic Four lying next to me and flipped through it. It was turned back so the cover wasn't on the front. Instead, on the front were little circles with faces in them, apparently those of the Fantastic Four.

For some reason it occurred to me that a good story would be the death of the Thing. He wasn't really such an important character and it would probably be good for circulation if the Thing were to actually die. I could even imagine how in bold letters the cover of the magazine would say, "The Thing Dies."

Finally I picked up a Batman comic and began looking through it. As I looked, it seemed more as if I were watching a movie than reading a comic. In the movie I saw that a young fellow who apparently was related to Bruce Wayne had found the bat cave. At first he didn't know what it was, but after finding the bat car and actually driving it for a short distance in the cave, he realized it was the bat cave.

I began thinking of a story line also. Perhaps Alfred the butler would have a relative, perhaps a son, who would become friends with the young fellow who had discovered the bat cave. Together they could secretly start using the bat cave and become a second Batman and his butler.

A young lady appeared on the scene in the story, and she apparently also has stumbled on the bat cave. The fellow and the young lady apparently knew each other, because when they heard someone coming, they both hid behind some long red curtains against the wall.

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