Dream of: 13 August 1989 "An Old Game"

I had gone to what at first appeared to be some kind of party, but which quickly developed into an incredible fantasy world. I myself didn't seem like myself, and I seemed also as if I might be young, perhaps only a few years old. I was somehow supplied with some toys to play with, which quickly became living-like objects which fought among themselves. One thing I had appeared to be a type of yellow lightening which could pierce other objects, yet it also seemed to have a will of its own where it went. What at first seemed like fun soon turned into what appeared to be a deadly struggle with the toys in which I found myself almost a prisoner. I wasn't exactly afraid, because I didn't know exactly what to be afraid of, but I did feel something akin to fear. At the height of the turmoil with the toys, I used one inflatable toy to blow up another orange inflatable toy. Another sack of toys spilled on the ground as the turmoil continues.

Finally things began to quiet down as the toys come to a rest. I thought it was only temporary, that they would soon again begin their commotion, and that I might never escape, but after a while I moved without detecting any movement from the toys. I continued moving, separating myself from the toys, and I seemed to hear a voice in the background saying something like, " A day without you was like a day without sunshine."

I tried to think over what had happened and I seemed to remember a scene where I saw a young boy say, "It cannot be an old game."

An older person answered, "How do you know?"

The young boy pointed to the ground in the area where the toys were and said, "Because of the jurisdiction, that's how I know."

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