Dream of: 12 August 1989 (3) "Practicing Yoga"

I was in a car with several fellows (probably in their early 20s). I was sitting in the front passenger seat, and a rather uncouth-looking fellow was sitting next to me in the middle of the front seat. I was still trying to do my yoga exercises and I managed to put one of my feet behind my head right there in the car. The fellow next to me didn't seem to know what to think about what I was doing, but the others in the car apparently were used to it and paid me little attention.

We were planning to go swimming in a pond somewhere, which I thought might be a little dangerous, because it had been raining a lot lately and flooding had occurred. The pond might be too deep. We even passed fields which were flooded and I saw residue where the water had covered the road. The fellow next to me seemed particularly upset that dirt had gotten on the road from the flooding, although I couldn't understand why that would upset him.

When we had almost arrived at the pond, I took my leg down from behind my head and put the other leg behind my head. I straightened up my back so I was sitting erect. Usually when I did this exercise, I had to bend my back. It was quite an achievement for me to be able to straighten my back up. I was also able to pull my foot farther behind my head than usual. I could even touch my toes to parts of my face which I normally couldn't touch with my foot. I thought I must be getting more limber.

I hadn't had my foot behind my head very long when we pulled up and stopped. I stepped out of the car and began walking with my leg still behind my head. I wondered how I could do this -- walk in a normal fashion while one leg was up behind my head, but somehow I was able to.

The pond was on a hill not far from us. One young fellow with black hair walked over to some people standing there and began talking to them about our going to the pond. I had the feeling the people were warning us it might be dangerous. I remembered once when I had been young I had gone into a pond like the one we were going to and I had cut my feet on a piece of metal in the pond. I thought we needed to be very careful of debris on the bottom of the pond. For that reason I was unsure whether I wanted to go in.

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