Dream of: 12 August 1989 (2) "Dream Within A Dream"

I was in a house which reminded me of the Gay Street House. It seemed that quite a few people were living in the different rooms of this house, but that no except me was there at the moment. I hadn't done any of my yoga exercises in several days, and decided to do some. I found a pillow with a blue pillow-cover on it, took it into the front room and put it on the floor so I could stand on my head. As I began, I heard someone walk into the other room. I tried to stand on my head, but it seemed my neck had become so weak from not doing the exercise in such a long time, I wasn't able to raise myself up.

The person in the other room walked in to where I was and I stopped. I saw it was Mireya (a Dallas acquaintance), although I called her "Michelle." I really didn't want to be disturbed right then, but I began talking to her. I told her I had recently had a dream about her. In the dream I had been telling her about a dream I had had about her. I told her it had been a dream within a dream. It seemed interesting that I could have had a dream within a dream, but I asked myself of what value it was. Where was all my preoccupation with dreams going to end? What good was it to have dreams within dreams? It only seemed to be making me dizzy.

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