Dream of: 12 August 1989 "Twelve Languages"

I seemed to be traveling somewhere with some other people, most of whom appeared to be women. I was in probably either a train or a plane, and was reclining on what appeared to be a seat which folded down almost into a bed. Reclining to my right were two oriental women, apparently from China. Both were probably in their early 30s, but they seemed quite young. The one right next to me was very pretty and I had a long conversation with her. But finally they somehow traded places and I began talking with the second oriental woman.

She wasn't nearly as pretty as the first woman. In fact she was quite homely. I was unsure what language to speak with her, so I tried some Spanish. I was surprised to hear her respond in Spanish. She then said something to someone else in German and then turned back to me. I said something to her in German, and she now told me that she could speak 12 languages. Apparently she could speak all the languages I knew – English, Spanish, German and French – as well as several more. I was quite impressed and thought it remarkable that someone could know so many languages. But when I thought about it, I could have learned that many languages in my life. If I hadn't wasted my teenage years, and if I hadn't spent so much time learning law, I could have used the time to learn that many languages.

I found myself becoming quite attracted to the woman. Although physically she wasn't attractive, she had an inner beauty and intelligence that I found practically irresistible. We quickly and naturally began holding hands and I could almost feel a bond growing between us.

I saw that the first woman had seen that we were holding hands, and I could tell that she felt rejected. She was probably wondering why I didn't hold hands with her since she was so pretty. But I didn't intend to let her spoil this for me.

I thought I would like to spend more time with the woman, but then I remembered I was married to Carolina. I decided I was simply going to have to ask Carolina for a divorce.

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