Dream of: 08 August 1989 "No Answers"

While walking along a street in a residential area, I perceived that a special woman was driving a car down the street, and that little groups of people were gathered along the street to greet the woman. The woman, relatively famous for something, has just recently had an abortion, and the people were gathered to give their congratulations. Apparently the people in the group were in favor of women having the right to have legal abortions and the people looked upon the woman as a champion of their cause. I saw the woman's car pass by, but I didn't get a good look at her. I hollered out my approval of what she had done.

Some street signs along the street also seemed to deal with the theme of abortion. It looked as if the figures of two people were painted on the signs, one in red and one in black, but I couldn't tell exactly what the figures were doing. As I walked and saw more signs, some signs appeared different from others. When I looked up, I realized I had strayed to another street; I quickly had the feeling that the groups of people gathered on this street were opposed to women having the legal right to have an abortion. I hollered to one group that the woman had already passed by on the other street.


I was in a rather cramped living room of a house where the woman who had had the abortion lived. She was seated in an easy chair; I had a good look at her. She was overweight and rather homely, if not downright ugly. She was probably in her early 30s and might live here with her mother. Some other people were also gathered in the room; a conversation ensued.


I was in the yard of the same house, still talking with some people, perhaps the same ones who had been in the house.


I was in a rather desolate area, perhaps on a beach. Two women and a man were with me. They were probably all in their 20s. We were all seated and the others seemed to be playing some games. I thought of a game I used to know which involved guessing some words. One would first think of a word or words, and then draw a line for each letter of the word. The others would then ask questions about the word and the one who had drawn the lines would answer the questions until someone guessed what the word was.

When I started paying attention to the game the others were playing, I was surprised to see it was the exact word game I had been thinking about. I decided to join in. The woman who had made the word was sitting across from me; she resembled both my friend from law school Leah and my good Dallas friend Eloise, but mostly Leah.

A woman was sitting next to me on my right, and a man was sitting on the other side of her. In front of us was a small pile of rocks. The others continued asking questions about the word. One asked if it was an animal. They asked some other questions and finally I asked if it was a plant. I got a positive response. The others stopped asking questions and I began asking all the questions.

While we continued, I heard some music playing in the background. I heard the words from a song say, "One pill makes you smaller and one pill makes you tall."

As we continued playing, I realized these people didn't use any kind of drugs. How boring things could be without drugs. I thought about the words of the song I had just heard; I knew the lyrics were referring to drugs. The words "one pill makes you small" corresponded to how the mind seemed to expand when drugs were used. I liked that kind of drug, specifically hallucinogens. Actually I felt nervous because I couldn't use an hallucinogenic drug right now. Since the others didn't use drugs anyway, there was no point in bringing it up.

We continued with the game. Since I now knew the word was a plant, I asked, "Was it alive."

The woman answered, "Some of them were."

I was unsure what that meant; I tried to figure it out. I began looking at the little pile of rocks in front of us; they didn't look like rocks, but bones. In fact the whole place began to seem a little strange. I saw another pile of rocks to the side where people apparently had played before. Among them I saw what looked like a human jawbone with some teeth still in it. I thought about putting some of those bones in our pile. Finally the fellow on my right rose and began picking up some of the bones in the other pile. He picked up the jawbone, and then picked up an actual skull, which seemed distorted and pressed together. How strange all this seemed; were archeological artifacts being damaged?

Suddenly it came to my mind that the answer to the word game was "fossil fuels," but it seemed as if the word was supposed to have six letters and I was unsure whether it consisted of two words rather than one. I asked the woman if the answer had two words and she told me it did.

I began having an image of fire all around me. The fire didn't burn me, but seemed very strange. I seemed to be crawling over bones and rocks. As I groped over the bones and through the fire, I heard a voice mumbling something in the background, the last words of which said clearly, .".. world that doesn't supply us anymore with the answers."

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