Dream of: 07 August 1989 "Improving My Appearance"

I was sitting on the front fender of a car being driven along a city street which reminded me of the street in front of Dreamland Pool in Portsmouth. I was looking for someone from whom I could buy some marijuana, and although the man driving the car didn't know me, I had the feeling that he knew what I was looking for and that he would also like to buy some marijuana. Perhaps he thought if he helped me now by letting me ride on his car, I would help him find some marijuana latter for himself.


I was thinking of calling Fugitt (a former schoolmate from high school), whom I thought was living in Portsmouth on Thomas Street. I had heard that he had some marijuana which he was selling. But someone had told me that if I called Fugitt, I should be sure to disguise my voice, so if Fugitt's line were  wiretapped, no one would know who I was. I thought when I talked to Fugitt, I should first make sure that he knew who I was and why I was calling. I should then find out whether I should come over.


I was standing in what appeared to be a mall or a department store, and in front of me, behind a sales counter, was Michelle Driscoll (a Dallas acquaintance). Apparently she was working there. I mentioned Fugitt to her and she told me she knew that he had recently bought a large amount of marijuana. In fact, she informed me that she had already bought some herself and that she had some with her. When I suggested we go somewhere and smoke some, she seemed willing. She also pointed out another woman there in the store who had some marijuana.

The other woman was probably in her early 20s, and although I didn't know her, I thought I might be able to approach her and persuade her to smoke some marijuana with me. I looked at myself in a mirror to make sure I looked all right. I thought about perhaps tying a red scarf around my neck to improve my appearance. I figured I would probably simply try to pick up the woman and then smoke some marijuana with her. Afterwards I would probably just abandon her. I knew I would merely be using her, but I had done such things in the past to obtain marijuana, and I thought it was permissible.

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