Dream of: 03 August 1989 "Green Spinach"

I had killed a man, apparently because he had been competing with me for someone's affection. Afterwards I had stuffed the man's body into a small plastic bag and had hidden it in an attic. Now, sometime later, I began thinking about the body and worried it might begin stinking. I returned to the house, which was actually my mother's home. I wanted to go straight to the body, but many people were there, and I tried to figure out a way to pass them. I recalled that instead of in the attic, I had actually put the body in a bedroom, and I knew the bedroom could be reached by going through a hall and a closet. When the people finally thinned out, I managed to go into the bedroom.

I couldn't remember exactly where the body was, until I moved a large chest and was able to see a trap door in the floor. I lifted up the boards over the hole and stuck my head inside, where I saw a space about a meter high which ran under the whole house. On the bottom of the floor I saw what appeared to be a large, orange, fan whose four blades were each about 10 meters long and which resembled a propeller.

Directly below me was another trap door, which I opened. There I saw another area filled with a bunch of junk. I knew the body was down there amidst the junk. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the body, but I knew I needed to get it out of there before someone started smelling it.

When I was finally able to see the body, it didn't look like a body. Instead it looked like green spinach which I had vomited up and left there. Part of spinach-vomit was in the bag and part of it was out. Although the vomit didn't smell bad, I knew I still needed to do something with it.


I was in a photography school where I was taking lessons. I was in a modern looking room which had camera equipment and a number of large machines which looked like photo-copying machines. I had put the dead body into one of the photo-copying machines, which was basically a cube about a meter and a half on each side. I visualized the body, in the form of spinach, down in the machine, and I knew I needed to get it out. Since so many people were present right then, however, I couldn't do so.

One of the people present was Kay, who was also taking photography lessons. She was sitting next to me on my right. Our legs were next to each other, but they were down so low that no one could see them. At one point I reached my right hand down, put it between her legs and move it all the way up to her crotch. Although she didn't say anything, she nudged me away. When I tried again, she stood up and left.

Standing around the room, I noticed what appeared to be some policemen in brown uniforms bedecked with little medals. I was afraid if I tried to extract the body from the photo-copying machine, one of the policemen might see. So I just stood around waiting for a chance to put my hand down in the copying machine and retract the sack with the body. I was uncertain what I would do with the body once I retrieved it, but I was thinking of taking it up on the forested Hill in New Boston which my father owned. I was unsure that would be a good idea, however, because it would still be on land which could possibly be traced back to me. I thought I might need to take it out and bury it somewhere.

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