Dream of: 31 July 1989 (3) "Movie Cop"

I was watching a movie in which a cop who reminded me of Mel Gibson was chasing a man through city streets. The cop was shown having to climb over clutter and cars. Finally the cop entered a building where he encountered someone he knew. The action seemed to concentrate on the cop and this new fellow; I made a mental note that the story line involving the first fellow the cop had been chasing had just seemed to vanish.

The cop and the new fellow went to one of the upper stories of the building, perhaps about the fiftieth floor; there they walked out on to a little platform which had a little wall around it. The platform was open to the air; the city could be see far below. The cop seemed to want to test the other fellow; the cop sat on the edge of the wall of the platform. The other fellow wasn't daunted; he actually straddled the wall, sitting with one leg hanging over the outside of the platform.

The fellow stood up on the wall and walked along the wall like a tight rope walker. It was obviously dangerous; I wondered whether when the movie had been filmed if the fellow had actually been walking on the platform's wall that high up. It certainly looked real; I have a real sense of the danger.


I now seemed to be the cop;  and entered a large, basically empty lobby of what appeared to be a hotel. I seemed almost completely naked. I heard someone coming; since part of my job was to spy on people, I stepped behind a recess in the wall and listened as three men walked into the room. They couldn't see me; I quickly concluded from what they were saying that two of the men were now in the process of robbing the third man.

I had a gun in my hand; I stepped out in the open and pointed it at one of the two robbers. Both robbers were extremely obese and would obviously make easy targets to hit if I had to shoot. And I did have to shoot, because it looked as if the robber was going to try to shoot me. I fired several shots into his body, and then turned my attention to the second robber.

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