Dream of: 24 July 1989 (2) "Holding Hands"

I was sitting in a booth at a restaurant, and Jeff Hurley was sitting to my left. It vaguely seemed to me that Hurley had died a long time ago, but I accepted his presence nevertheless. As I told him about some kind of traffic ticket which I had received and just had to pay $150 for, another man sat in the booth across from us. I recognized the man as some kind of law enforcement person, and I didn't care for him. I knew he was in favor of arresting more people for drug offenses, and I began talking loudly about how drugs should be legalized. I thought to myself that it was going to be a long battle to have drugs legalized, and that indeed they might not be legalized. I wondered if someday when they were legalized people would remember that I had been one of the first ones who had called for their legalization.

I had my left arm around Hurley and he was holding my left hand with one of his hands. There was nothing sexual in what we were doing, and I thought it was allowed because I thought there was something special about Hurley. I wondered why more men didn't hold hands.

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