Dream of: 24 July 1989 "Suspicious Behavior"

My step-grandfather Clarence and I were standing in the kitchen of the Gallia County Farmhouse, when we noticed a car pull up at the bottom of the hill behind the Farmhouse. Two men stepped out of the car and began looking around by the old garage at the bottom of the hill. Clarence and I quickly concluded that the men thought no one was home, and that they were looking for things to steal. Clarence told me to get a gun, and I quickly did so.

Once I had a shotgun in my hand, we continued looking, and I concluded that one of the fellows was Howard Swiver (an acquaintance from my boyhood years). I was a bit surprised to think he would be trying to steal something, but it certainly appeared that he was. Finally it looked as if the men were about to leave and I knew I needed to act if I were going to stop them. I stepped out onto the back porch, pointed the gun at Swiver and fired. Swiver jumped and I could tell I had hit him, even though I was sure that from this distance I couldn't have seriously injured him. Both men looked up at the Farmhouse and then began walking toward it.

When they reached the Farmhouse, my uncle Ronald also seemed to be here observing what was happening. The two men seemed upset that I would fire the gun at them, but they weren't belligerent. I was beginning to wonder whether they had actually been trying to steal anything.

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