Dream of: 22 July 1989 "Flimsy Cruise Ship"

I had boarded a fairly large ship, apparently a cruise ship on a river. Other people were also on the ship and apparently we were all going to go for a cruise. I began looking more closely at the ship and began to have some serious concerns about its construction and its safety. I began walking through the interior of the ship where there were no people and I passed through winding halls and passageways. As I went along, I discovered that the ship appeared to be constructed from flimsy plywood and was only painted silver on the outside to make it look as if it were constructed of metal. It was obviously very dangerous for anyone to be on the ship.

Although I now realized it would be dangerous to confront the captain of the ship with my discovery, I bravely forged ahead until I reached an inner room of the ship where I found the captain and some other men. I had a brief confrontation in which I told them of my discoveries, and before they could react I slipped away. I knew I was now in danger if they found me, but nevertheless I returned to the other people, told them of the danger of the ship and began leading them off.

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