Dream of: 21 July 1989 "Fringes Of Society"

I had gone to a Laundromat in Columbus to wash several baskets of my dirty clothes. I went to one washing machine and with a rag began cleaning some greasy, black smudge off the white bottom of the machine before I put my clothes in. A woman walked up to a nearby machine, pulled a pink washcloth out of it and asked me if it were mine. I told her it isn't, but then I thought it might have been better to have claimed it since it looked like a clean washcloth in good condition.

I remembered that Buckner lived in Columbus, and before I even washed my clothes, I decided to visit him. I just left my clothes in the Laundromat, intending to come back for them later and finish washing.


I was on the second floor of a large, two-story house where I thought Buckner was living. The house was located near The Ohio State University campus, and I inferred  that about 10 male students lived here in the house, each having his own room. Since the door to Buckner's room was closed, I concluded that he wasn't home. I walked back downstairs, where I encountered some of Buckner's housemates. I began talking with them and one offered me something alcoholic to drink, which I accepted.

Whatever it was that I drank, it was very strong and I soon felt quite intoxicated. When Buckner finally did show up, I felt as if I could hardly walk. He suggested we go upstairs and I set my drink down on one of the stairs before I walked up. In the process, I almost lost my balance. Some women were now in the room and I felt uncomfortable by their seeing me in this condition. But there was little I could do about it now, except to try to go up this stairs.

But going up the stairs proved to be a major challenge in itself due to the construction of the stairs, because part of the stairs were upside down. Somehow the stairs turned around, similar to a rope ladder which had been twisted around in the middle. I found it extremely difficult to negotiate the stairs and I had to hold on with both hands and feet. After an extremely laborious effort, however, I did reach the upstairs.

As I walked into Buckner's room, I was hoping he would have some marijuana which I could buy from him. I would really like to smoke some while I was here.

In the room I found Buckner and seven or eight of his housemates sitting on the floor. What was probably most peculiar about them was that they were all dressed in black, some wearing what appeared to be black leather pants. Apparently they had formed a fairly tightly knit group here, although I was unsure of its nature. But it did appear that they were all definitely on the fringes of society, and only well-accepted among themselves. I didn't think I would fit in well.

I finally was able to let Buckner know that I would like some marijuana. But he didn't have any, and instead he gave me a pink pill, which was supposed to be some kind of drug. I put the pill in my mouth and when I chewed it, I discovered that it had a chalky taste. Almost immediately I began wondering whether I should have taken it. One fellow in the room was sitting on a couch, and he began talking about how he had already taken two of the pills. He said it was making him very awake, and I concluded that the pill might contain amphetamine. I really wished I hadn't taken it.

Finally we all left the room and walked downstairs, intending to go outside. But I decided to go back up to the room for something, and I noticed a regular set of stairs next to the contorted stairs which I had first ascended. I walked up the regular stairs and walked back into the room. I now discovered that someone had quickly rearranged the room, and I noticed some barbells for weight lifting. I concluded the barbells must be Buckner's and that he must be lifting weights these days.

I then walked back downstairs, and when I saw no one else around, I went outside and began walking down the residential street by myself. I began to realize that the pill was beginning to take effect. In fact I seemed to be hallucinating, and the sidewalk appeared to be rising up toward me. I was having a difficult time and I was afraid I might even fall down. I was beginning to feel very bad about having taken the pill. I thought it was a big mistake. But now I would just have to live through it and see what happened.

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