Dream of: 18 July 1989 "Changing Drivers"

I was riding in a car along icy snowy roads in a mountainous area in Europe. My father and my mother were also in the car, which my sister was driving. Finally my sister stopped the car, and when my mother got out, my sister drove off and left her. My sister apparently thought my mother would catch up with us farther down the road. My sister continued driving poorly over the icy roads for quite a while.

Concerned that my mother wouldn't be able to catch up with us, I wanted my sister to stop. I didn't want to just leave my mother behind. My father seemed unconcerned about the matter. There seemed to be a lot of tension between my father and me; we weren't getting along well together. I wasn't really enjoying myself much on the trip.

I told my sister that if she didn't stop, I was going to jump out of the car even while it was moving. Finally my sister did stop, and when we all got out of the car, my sister said she hadn't stopped earlier because she didn't know how to stop well on ice.

I thought either my father or I should start driving. Since I didn't really want to drive, I thought my father should probably drive that way it would be his fault and not mine if there was a wreck. At any rate, I wanted to be sure that my mother got back in the car. I didn't want to leave her behind.

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