Dream of: 16 July 1989 "Boxing Match"

I was riding in a bus filled with people headed to a boxing match. I wasn't much interested in seeing a boxing match, but since I had never been to one, I thought it might be interesting. This would be the second time today I had done something which I had never done before.

When the bus finally stopped, people began unboarding. I began gathering my things, which consisted of about ten paperback books and two small brown two-hole binders, which were scattered around on the seat and floor. I reflected I shouldn't have brought the rather bulky books because they would be difficult to carry at the boxing match.

As I was getting off, I asked the driver if the bus was going to be at this same place when the boxing match was over and we were ready to leave. But he didn't know anything about the boxing match and apparently he wasn't going to be waiting for us. This news disturbed me somewhat because I had thought the bus was part of the trip to the boxing match. I was sure I had a round trip ticket. I concluded I would have to look around for another bus when the match was over.

Once outside, I saw a long line of people apparently waiting to get inside to the match.


I was in the area where the boxing match was going to take place. My seat wasn't in a good place and I decided to move closer. I walked closer to the ring until I saw a number of empty seats and I thought I might sit in one. I could now see the ring was in an outdoors area. On one side of the ring were some hills and trees obstructing the view. The view was also obstructed from another side by some walls. It looked as if many people would have difficulty seeing.

I walked over to some children standing near the ring. A couple of them decided to ascend a small hill beside the ring, and I followed. When we reached the top of the hill, I could clearly see the boxing ring before me. Now I had an excellent view.

We waited and waited for the match to begin, but nothing happened. Concerned that something was wrong, I walked over to a small building where I thought the people responsible for the match were. I walked inside; people were talking about what was going on. One was my good Dallas friend Eloise; she was apparently the promoter or manager of one of the boxers. It was her boxer who hadn't shown up and she and the others were trying to find out where he was. They made a number of phone calls, and finally concluded the boxer had simply decided not to come. Eloise was upset and she indicated she would never do business with that boxer again.


The rain was pouring outside. I was in a gas station or roadside restaurant, observing Eloise's boxer. He was a short thin man who reminded me somewhat of Sammy Davis, Jr. He was talking on a telephone, trying to explain that he had had some trouble which had prevented his reaching the boxing match. He still intended to try to reach the match, although he realized he probably wouldn't be able to. Now that I saw that he was at least trying, I thought Eloise would understand what had happened when she heard about it, and she would still want to work with him.

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