Dream of: 15 July 1989 "Gun In The Church"

I found myself standing outside Nebo Church. I walked around the little white church from the front to the side, wanting to see in, but white blinds were closed inside the windows, and I was unable to see. Finally on one side I saw the blinds of one window hadn't been drawn, and I thought someone had probably left the blinds open on purpose. I looked in and saw the neat little wooden pews and the wooden pulpit, all dark brown. I thought I would like to go to church there next Sunday, but then I realized that the church had been shut down and that services were no longer held there.

I then found myself lying on a pew in a church listening to _____________ Moreno give a sermon. He began talking about other activities which went on at the church besides Sunday morning services, and how people should take part in those activities. It occurred to me that I didn't take part in any other activities in the church and that he was trying to say something to me. I looked up at him and saw he was looking directly at me. I held his gaze for perhaps ten seconds and then just closed my eyes. I didn't feel as if I had the time right now for any extra activities.

I finally stood up from the pew and saw that the church was empty. On the pew was some kind of mat, which I pulled up. I pulled out some papers which I had placed there. I walk over to what appeared to be a dresser and picked up an impressive-looking hand gun which I had put there. I walked toward the door of the church, and saw lying on the floor near the door, a black hand gun which I had left there once before. I thought the preacher might not want me bringing these guns into the church, although he apparently hadn't said anything about it yet.

I was still thinking about what the preacher had said about taking part in other activities of the church. In a way it seemed as if it might be a good way to get closer to other people; but at the same time I doubted it did any good. I recalled that my great aunt Dorothy used to belong to a large church and it seemed to me she went on a trip to Israel with church members. But now she was in a nursing home and didn't seem to have many friends. It reminded me of how when I had been in junior high school, I had known everyone so well in my class, but when school was over, we all went in different directions like a hand grenade exploding.

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