Dream of: 11 July 1989 "Science Books"

A girl and I had gone into a small store where I noticed some peculiar clocks on the wall. The clocks were shaped like various objects, such as animals, and were designed so that it was possible to see the inner mechanisms of the clocks. I then noticed along the wall some boxes which apparently contained kits for self construction of the clocks. I had been thinking lately that I would like to learn to build something like that, and this would give me a chance.

Before I looked at the kits, I also noticed a bookshelf and I began going through the books. I saw several books dealing with scientific subjects which I thought I would like, and I decided to buy them. One dealt with the chemical structure of cholesterol. Another one cost about $25, which seemed expensive, but I decided to buy it anyway.

When I gave the man behind the counter the books, he then pulled out another large book on chemistry and showed it to the girl with me. It had a high price on it, but he said he would only charge her $3 for it. It occurred to me that he would have sold me the $25 book cheaper if I had asked. I mentioned it and he said he was only going to charge me $5 for it. He then showed me another shelf of books dealing with scientific subjects and I eagerly began going through them.

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