Dream of: 10 July 1989 "Overpowering Stench"

I was at Jon's house out in the country. We were standing in the back of the house and he pointed out a rectangular area about the size of a mobile home which we were planning to do something on. I went down, looked the area over and found a square board with sides of about two-thirds of a meter lying in the area. I pick up the board and realized it was a door to an underground chamber which was apparently a septic tank. When I tried to put the board back down, it slipped and fell into the septic tank.

I went back up and told Jon what had happened. He didn't seem upset and we both returned to the septic tank to see what we could do. Once again at the septic tank I looked down inside the hole and saw that it was lighted and appeared to be a room, except that the bottom of it appeared to be full of water. I even saw what appeared to be a metal bed frame sitting in it. I decided I could probably lower myself down through the hole, stand on the bed frame and grab the wooden door which had fallen inside.

I lowered myself down, but just as I stood on the frame, I slipped and fell into the water almost up to my waist. Only now did I realize that it wasn't water, but raw sewage from Jon and his wife Cathy's bathroom. It had been in here for months and months. The smell was overpowering, and I shuddered to think of it all over my body. It was some of the worst smelling stench I could ever remember smelling. I tried to remain calm and just concentrate on climbing out.

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