Dream of: 09 July 1989 "Memorizing Lines"

I was at a theater watching a play. A beautiful blonde-haired woman wearing a thin beige dress was gliding around on the stage saying her lines. At one point she lay down on her back with her legs bent under her. Her dress rose up above her panties, and when I looked closely, I could see her pubic hairs under her panties. She was truly beautiful in my eyes.

There were perhaps 50-60 people in the audience, mostly children. Suddenly about half of them stood up and went up on the stage to join in the play. Apparently they were part of the production. It made me realize that almost everyone here was somehow involved in the play. It also suddenly made me realize that I myself was one of the actors in the play and that I would soon need to take my place on the stage. It occurred to me with a sharp painful feeling that I didn't know my lines.

I quickly pulled out a copy of the play which I had with me and I began searching for my part. I had difficulty because I was unsure just what point the play had reached right now and when I would need to go on stage. I felt terrible. I simply had no idea what my lines were, and I thought I might have a rather important part.

The play seemed to be a comedy of some sort dealing with elves and fairies. Actually I didn't care much for it, and had never even understood it. Nevertheless I knew I was committed to acting out a part.

Finally I walked outside, continuing to search for my part. At last I found my first line and frantically begin trying to memorize it. How many more lines did I have? It seemed as if there must be a lot, and I had a sinking feeling I wasn't going to have time to memorize them. I could take the libretto on stage with me, but I knew that would look awful. Finally I began thinking about simply leaving. What difference would it make to me? I didn't know these people here well. Someone else could just take my place and read from the libretto. However, I really didn't want to do that.

Finally it began to occur to me that this wasn't an actual performance which was taking place today, but was the final dress rehearsal. I began looking at my other lines and I realized that it appeared I might only speak at three different times. I began thinking that the actual performance was tonight, about eight hours away. I could use the libretto today in the dress rehearsal and I could spend the rest of the day memorizing my lines, which should give me plenty of time. I felt much better about it and I began memorizing.

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