Dream of: 05 July 1989 "Dream Communication"

While sleeping on my back, I gradually began to become lucid and realize I was dreaming. Apparently I was sleeping in a hay loft of a barn, and I was lying on some hay. I could hear the wind blowing loudly and rhythmically against the barn. Gradually I began thinking of Cathy, whom I thought was sleeping nearby, slightly higher than I, with her husband Jon.

I began realizing Cathy and I had decided to communicate with each other in our dreams, if we possibly could. I was so lucid I felt like simply waking up. But instead I began concentrating on Cathy's name and repeated it over and over, trying intensely to direct it to her. A couple times I tried to speak out her name, but realized I couldn't seem to speak in my sleep, although I did manage to move my lips. Finally however in a crisp, stentorian scream, I succeeded in hollering out her name. The name seemed to reverberate and echo beautifully in the barn, until finally I heard Cathy rouse and say something about my having scared her. I wanted to say something else to her, because I was unsure she knew what was going on, but once again I found myself unable to talk. I was just hoping that when I actually did wake up, I would remember this and could ask her if she thought she had heard me trying to communicate with her last night.

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