Dream of: 04 July 1989 "Collecting Judgments"

While I was at the House in Patriot, a fellow (probably in his early 20s) stepped up to me, wanting to speak with me. I began talking with him and quickly learned that he was a law student and would like to go to work for me. A woman (likewise probably in her early 20s) was with him, and she was also a law student. Although he did all the talking, I gathered that she was going to help him if he worked for me.

He explained to me that his specialty was collecting on judgments which had been entered against people in different jurisdictions from the court where the judgment was obtained. I found the idea fascinating and I could quickly see how that kind of work could be beneficial to a lawyer. In fact I told him I had a judgment against someone which I had never collected simply because I didn't not know how.

He also was interested in real estate law, and I told him I did some real estate law myself. I had my small blue computer disks scattered out in front of me and I told him I had many legal forms on the disks. I told him that although I hadn't put many real estate forms on them, I intended to keep adding to my forms and improving my real estate disks.

I finally asked him how much he would charge to work for me. He said he would need $500 a month. That seemed like quite a bit of money to me and I was unsure I will be able to afford him. But I intended to give it some serious consideration.

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