Dream of: 02 July 1989 (2) "Short Cut"

Carolina and I were standing outside on what appeared to be a college campus, apparently waiting for something. Finally, I realized Carolina had forgotten something which we were going to need in a house a few blocks away. I debated whether I should go back for it, whether she should go back or whether we should go back together. I finally decided that since she was the one who had forgotten the thing, that she should go back for it, and I sent her off.

I figured it should only take her about 15 minutes to return, but after waiting for almost a half hour, I became concerned. I waited a while longer and decided to go look for her. I figured that if she was on her way back, I would probably meet her.

I had a large bicycle with me which I mounted and began riding down the road. I decided to take a short cut and passed down a side street, until I came to a place where the street ended and a large rolling yard of a house stretched before me. I could see a slightly worn path in the grass where people had walked across the yard. The path went down a little knoll; I headed down it. I picked up speed just as I saw some stumps where a clump of bushes had been cut right in front of me. I plowed across the stumps without difficulty. I continued on and saw some large panes of glass lying on the ground in front of me which I also passed over. When I reached the bottom, I had to turn sharply to miss a large brick wall. Actually, the bike bounced up on the side of the wall, and I bounced off without problem. I raced along and pulled the bike up over a curb. But when I tried to pull the bike up on to a brick wall, I failed and almost crashed. I regained my composure and continued on.

I just hoped I didn't miss Carolina here. And if I did, I hoped she waited for me where I was supposed to meet her.

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