Dream of: 30 June 1989 "Catching A Plane"

It was about ten till eleven in the morning, and I was bustling by foot through a somber city street on my way to an airport to catch a plane which was supposed to leave at eleven. As I passed someone, I asked directions and was told the airport was just down the street, and I thought if I hurried, I might make it. After going a while in the indicated direction, I stopped by a group of people and asked a black woman the way to the airport. She indicated that the people here were waiting for a bus to the airport, which was between five and eight miles from here. I concluded that I obviously couldn't make it on time by walking, so I might as well wait for the bus. Maybe my flight had been delayed and I would still be able to catch it.

As I waited, a group of young tough-looking fellows slowly gathered around me, and finally began pushing me. They continued until I fell down. Thy began shoving me with their feet. The other people just watched, and I wasn't surprised that no one wanted to get involved. I didn't fight back, since I figured that the thugs weren't really going to hurt me. Finally the bus arrived and everyone, including the thugs, started getting on.

Only now did I see some police nearby. I rushed over to one and told him what had just happened to me, but he seemed completely unconcerned. He told I needed witnesses, but basically he seemed as if he didn't want to help me. I mused about how he and the other police were probably too busy wasting their time arresting people for drugs to be able to help someone being assaulted. Nevertheless I decided to try to find a witness, and I ran back to the bus, which was now loaded. I stepped on and I asked if anyone had seen what had happened to me. One black woman and a child near the front door to the bus said that they had seen it, but no one else would say anything, apparently because they were afraid of the thugs, whom I thought were on the rear of the bus.

I ran back to tell the police that I had witnesses, but I discovered that the police had already left. So I simply returned to the bus and got back on. We had only traveled a short ways when I decided it would be better if I didn't stay on the bus where the thugs were. So at the first stop I got back off.

In front of me I saw some houses. I walked up the tall steps of one house which had a light on, and knocked on the door. An old woman came to the door and I asked her if she would call a taxi for me. She said she would, and she allowed me to enter the house. I walked into her front room where we both sat down and began talking. I asked her if she had any children and she told me she didn't have any.

In a short while, Wickizer (a legal client) showed up and walked into the room. He began talking to the old woman and apparently was trying to sell her some insurance. The woman stood up to raise some blinds in the room and some more people showed up. While they were sitting down, I began talking to Wickizer about the divorce case in which I was representing him. He wanted to know why his wife wanted a court order that he pay child support. I told him it was because she wanted to be able to have him put in jail if he disobeyed the order.

I also told him I was going to have to withdraw from his case unless he paid me an additional $300 in attorney's fees. Since I didn't think he had the money I thought I would have to withdraw.

I realized I needed to hurry up and get out of there, because I still needed to catch my plane.

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