Dream of: 22 June 1989 "Rock Festival"

I had gone to a place in the country where there was supposed to be a rock festival. When I arrived, I saw that not many cars were there, perhaps 30, and I thought most people hadn't yet arrived. A chain link fence surrounded the area where the festival was going to take place and I walked in.

Once inside, I encountered a fellow who offered to sell me some drugs. When a woman walked up, the fellow also offered the drugs to her. He pulled out a container which contained some green and white capsules and some red capsules. I thought that the green capsules contained amphetamine and that the red capsules contained some kind of barbiturate. The woman immediately wanted some of the green capsules and the fellow mentioned that she liked Dexedrine.

The man then offered me a small white pill with some black lettering on it. I thought it also was some kind of barbiturate and I stuck it in my mouth. I was thinking of buying some more drugs from the man, but it suddenly occurred to me that he might be a narcotics agent and that after selling me the drugs he might arrest me. I thought about asking him if he was a narcotics agent, but I knew that wouldn't do any good because if he was, he would just lie to me.

Finally some other people walked up and I recognized one as a woman whom I had known in high school. Her first name was Cathy. She was now probably in her mid 30s and looked as if she had probably had a hard life. It looked as if some of her front teeth might be missing. I told her I knew who she was and she seemed to recognize me too. I wondered if she might be a narcotics agent too.

Finally someone lit up a large marijuana joint and began passing it around. I took a hit off it and was just about to pass it to a person next to me, when a woman in front of me took it out of my hands. She apparently badly wanted a hit.

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