Dream of: 18 June 1989 "Cashing A Check"

I was with my mother on the second floor of the Gay Street House. We were both looking out the window over Gay Street, where I saw an interesting array of old buildings along the other side of the street. On the front of one of the smaller buildings the words "Gore College" were written in either neon or concrete (I couldn't tell which). Apparently the building had once been used as a small public college, but was now used for something different. I was surprised I had never noticed it before. Up on the corner of the street was a rather ornate red brick building which apparently was an antique store.

Visiting the antique store, I found a woman (probably in her late 50s) behind a counter. I browsed through the interesting merchandise in the store and found a unique upright cabinet which had three peculiar wooden doors, one over the other. I opened each door and saw that each had designs carved in it. The second door had stars carved in it.

I also noticed some peculiar cloth items hanging in a row. They appeared to be little gloves to be worn when picking up something hot from the stove. Apparently they were quite old.

When I turned to the woman behind the counter and asked her if she could cash a check for me, she indicated she could. I produced a check for $170 and I also gave her a piece of identification with my signature on it. The woman told me she would need something else with my signature, and I begin going through my billfold. I found several plastic cards, but either they didn't have my signature or they were signed by someone else or someone else had signed my name for me. It looked as if Ellen's name was on one card. I also noticed a couple cards which hadn't been signed and I thought perhaps I could quickly sign one of those. Finally I pulled out a credit card from Marting's Department Store in Portsmouth. Since this card hadn't been signed, when I thought the woman wasn't looking, I held the card below the counter and signed it. I then handed the card to the woman.

I then realized I also had my driver's license, which had my signature on it, and I handed it to the woman. I hoped she didn't notice that my license was expired.

The woman said she needed another check to verify the checking account number. I thought I might have a check in my billfold and I finally found one. The check, however, was torn in half and the entire number couldn't be read. Finally I did find an entire check and handed it to her.

The woman began counting out the money to me. She began by giving me some change. She counted out several dollars worth of quarters, but she made a mistake and gave me six quarters for every dollar. I thought about correcting her mistake, but instead I said nothing as the money began pilling up on the counter. She counted out some dimes and again counted out too much for each dollar. I busily began sticking the money in my pocket. 

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