Dream of: 16 June 1989 "Butterfly Wings"

While I was sitting on a beach with my father, I realized he had a cardboard box filled with about a million dollars worth of gold coins. After he had riffled through the coins for a while, I took the box, dipped my hands into the coins and began looking at them. I was surprised to see that the coins were older than I had expected and that most looked as if they had come from the 1800s. Most seemed quite worn, although they still appeared to have interesting designs on them.

Not all the gold in the box was coins. One gold piece looked something like an earring, although it also seemed to resemble a tiny weather vane. It appeared to have little protrusions in all four directions, although one protrusion was missing. When I held the piece in my hand, it spun around.

I was curious about where my father had obtained the gold. Looking around, I saw a cliff nearby which was being excavated and after talking to my father a bit, I realized some of the gold apparently had come from the excavation. Apparently an ancient settlement had once been in this location which was now being excavated, and some gold had been found on the site.

Deciding to do some excavating myself, I walked over to the cliff and began digging around on it. Gradually I realized I needed to be looking for charcoal or coal, which would indicate the area where the settlement had existed. I figured I might be able to find gold in that area. Suddenly I saw what appeared to be a vein of black coal. I hollered to my father to tell him what I had found, but then I realized he had already seen it.

I chipped off a piece of the coal into my hand. As I carefully began breaking it open, I was surprised to see a pretty butterfly wing embedded in one layer of the coal. As I walked over to my father to show the piece to him, I saw another wing. When I reached my father, he carefully received the thin layer of coal from me and laid it on a piece of white paper, I could see many different butterfly wings pressed close to each other, almost like a collage, in the thin - almost transparent - layer of coal.

My father said there was a man down closer to the water on the beach who could help us identify the butterfly wings and tell us more about them. My father and I walked to the man, who told my father that at the time when the butterfly wings became embedded in the coal, there had been butterflies and that the butterflies were often intoxicated on some kind of drug, which he called "kieferdine." I had heard about the intoxication, but I had thought the drug was called "dopemine."

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