Dream of: 14 June 1989 (2) "Leave It To Beaver"

While Jon and his wife Cathy were with Carolina and me, we all decided to exchange partners, so that Jon was with Carolina and I was with Cathy. Jon then had sex with Carolina and I had sex with Cathy.

The next morning we were all at the same house, perhaps a mobile home, and were planning to go on a trip together. While everyone was bustling around trying to get ready, I felt an erection coming on, and decided I would like to have sex with Cathy again. Since Jon knew Cathy and I had already had sex the previous night, I figured it wasn't necessary to ask Jon again if I could have sex with Cathy. So when Cathy walked into the bathroom, I followed her and quickly let her know I wanted to have sex with her.

She seemed surprised by my request, but she seemed willing. I pulled up the dress she was wearing; I discovered she wasn't wearing any panties and I began massaging her vagina. I was surprised by how quickly her vagina became moist. I already had my pants down and quickly began inserting my penis into her. I was a bit apprehensive I wouldn't be able to maintain an erection because I just had sex with her the previous night. Plus, I felt quite nervous about having sex with her here and now. But things were going quite smoothly and I was just beginning to enjoy it, when the door slightly opened and closed; Cathy exclaimed that she thought she saw her German Shepherd (whose name is "Po") outside the door, and that he looked as if he had something wrong with him.

I quickly told Cathy that nothing was wrong with Po and that she should remain calm; but she became very excited and started hollering for Po. Finally she managed to bring Po into the bathroom; and somehow he pressed in between us so that his face was right in front of me. He smelled bad and appeared to have a skin infection. I was thoroughly repulsed by the dog's presence, and finally in disgust I pulled away from Cathy. I angrily told her that something was wrong with the dog and that he should not be here with us now.

Cathy didn't seem to understand why I was upset; but she basically seemed unconcerned. She also seemed to think that the short time we had been having sex should be sufficient; she didn't seem to realize that I wanted to continue longer. Finally, Po left the room and I again approached Cathy with the intention of having sex with her again. But just as I was about to begin, I heard something which sounded like an electric vacuum cleaner in the next room; Cathy let me know that her son was in there sweeping the floor. I was feeling quite frustrated, because it appeared that her son was going to interrupt us. In fact the door opened and I could see into the next room; there with a vacuum cleaner was Cathy's son: Wally Cleaver (the character played by Tony Dow in the television series "Leave It To Beaver"). I hid behind the door because I was embarrassed about being in here with Cathy. Cathy meanwhile opened another door on the other side of the bathroom and walked out. Both doors swung in front of me and I hid behind them as I watched several people file through the bathroom, apparently looking for either Cathy or me.

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