Dream of: 14 June 1989 "Last Visit"

I had gone to visit my grandfather Liston and my grandmother Leacy at the House in Patriot. My brother Chris was also here, and he reported to Liston that I hit him. I went to talk with Liston about it and found Liston lying in a bed on the side of a room. Liston immediately told me I must go upstairs and stay there.

So I went on upstairs, and Buckner, who apparently had accompanied me to the House, came up with me. I told Buckner that he could stay up here with me if he wanted, although I really didn't know why he would want to. But it looked as if he just wanted to be with me and would stay.

I stayed upstairs for a day or two, gradually becoming angry at Liston and Leacy for punishing me like this. I decided to pass my time reading. I read some and then remembered that I once had a subscription for comic books which came here, and decided to go downstairs just to check to see whether they were still coming. I walked downstairs and Buckner followed me. When I reached the kitchen, I encountered a woman who I thought worked as a housekeeper for Liston and Leacy. She seemed startled to see me. I told her I had just come down to check to see if my comic books were still coming here. She told me Liston and Leacy weren't here at the moment. I walked into the little back room which led to the basement because I thought the comics would be kept there. But I didn't find any and concluded that they were no longer coming. I figured that when I had moved from here, that caused the postage rate to become higher and therefore the post office had quit delivering the comics.

I did find a small book written in Spanish which I decided to take back up with me. I figured I would read it while I was confined upstairs.

But I knew I wouldn't be upstairs much longer, because I had only planned to be in Patriot for a few days and I would soon be leaving. I began thinking how when I left, I would tell Liston and Leacy that I wouldn't be coming back to see them anymore. I had no intention of returning here if they were going to treat me like this. I thought I would say something to Leacy like, "Give me a hug, because this was the last time you'll ever see me here."

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