Dream of: 13 June 1989 "Eccentric Ideas"

I was in a room talking with Rembert Glass (my old philosophy teacher) and a fellow who seemed like Will Johnson (an acquaintance from the Dallas Zen Center). I hadn't seen Rembert in a long time; I learned he had been quite ill. In fact, this appeared to be one of the first visits he had received since his recovery from his illness. He was still quite weak and not fully recovered. It was unclear whether he had invited me to come and visit him, or whether I had done so on my own.

Rembert used to have small groups of people visit him for discussions of philosophical matters; it appeared he might begin doing that again, although he told us he wasn't going to be doing it immediately. We did discuss some philosophical topics. I was anxious to let him know that my first book of dreams was almost finished and that I would soon try to have it published.


I was alone with Susan (a Dallas acquaintance) talking with her about Rembert. We both agreed that Rembert was opening himself up to a lawsuit by having his group discussions. If someone suffered an injury by believing some of Rembert's eccentric ideas, Rembert could be sued.

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