Dream of: 09 June 1989 "Part Time Law Practice"

I was a lawyer working in a law office with my father. I had seriously considered quitting the practice of law and doing something else, and my father knew about my thoughts. Finally I had decided that I was going to continue practicing law, and my father likewise knew about that. What he didn't know however, was that I didn't plan to practice law full time. I would like to arrange it so that I could travel to Mexico every other week. In fact I would only be practicing law for five days at a time, and then I would live in Mexico for nine days. It seemed to me to be a very workable plan.

I stood up to leave, and my father asked me if I had decided to specialize in all areas of the law. I told him I hadn't, that I was only going to practice law in some specific areas in which I felt proficient. I specifically thought about how I wasn't proficient in probate law and I didn't intend to practice it.

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