Dream of: 06 June 1989 "Reward"

I was with Buckner at his house on Sherman Avenue in Portsmouth. I had only been here for a short time when the phone rang. Buckner answered it, talked for a few minutes, and after hanging up, told me Birdie had been on the phone. I immediately concluded that she had decided she would like to start seeing Buckner. I figured she probably didn't want me to know she wanted to date Buckner.


Buckner and I were in a car traveling north on Chillicothe Street in Portsmouth (the main north-south street in downtown). I was amazed when I looked to the west side of the street and saw that about two blocks of the large downtown buildings had been torn down, or were in the process of being torn down. Up ahead I could see that some kind of walkway had been built over the street, and beyond the walkway, I saw Marting's Department Store still standing.


Buckner and I had arrived at a building which reminded me of the Front Street Warehouse (a building owned for a while by my father in Portsmouth). We walked inside, where I encountered several people, including Anderson and Austin. We spoke with each other and finally I told Austin I had always admired him. I told him that it was always clear to everyone when we were in high school that he would be someone important someday. He seemed pleased by what I was saying, and in the back of my mind, I was thinking that since he was a lawyer, I might get him to sponsor me if I returned to practice law in Ohio.

Another fellow was also here whom I knew. He said his last name was Wilson and he was also a lawyer. I couldn't remember exactly where I had met him.

We all began talking about drinking alcohol. Austin admitted that he had a drinking problem; it seemed that he often drank several times a week. I told him I once hadn't drunk for a year and a half, but then I had begun drinking again.

We all decided we would like something to drink, but instead of buying something, we decided to make it. Someone pulled out a large bucket and we found a sack of what at first looked like beige soybeans, but after being poured into the bucket, looked like blueberries. I thought someone probably needed to get into the bucket and crush the blueberries with their bare feet. I hoped it wouldn't take long for the drink to be ready.


I was outside with someone else in a park. We climbed to the top of a hill and I was startled to see an animal which looked like a brown bulldog in front of me. It rolled away from me and back to me several times, each time appearing to grow larger, until finally it looked like a large tiger. Now I also noticed another large cat-like animal near it. And now I noticed another smaller animal.


Finally the other person and I boarded a car and I called the animals, which seemed tame, to follow. After they jumped into the back of the car, I drove somewhere to try to find where the animals came from. I entered a building and soon learned that the animals belonged to Nancy Reagan and that she was looking for them. I quickly went to the car and drove off. I now realized there was probably a reward for the animals, and I wanted to make sure no one found me with them before I was able to collect the reward.

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