Dream of: 31 May 1989 "Visiting New York City"

While in New York City, I was in a dormitory room visiting Weinstein whose hair was dark and rather long. I mentioned to him that I had stayed the previous night in a room in New York, and it had only cost me about $10. I told him I had stayed in a small room, which with a number of other rooms, had been fitted into what appeared to be an auditorium. Mostly poor people had been staying there. There had been even cheaper rooms there for $4 a night.

When another fellow who apparently lived in the dormitory walked in, I mentioned that I would like to smoke some marijuana. When the fellow pulled out a baggie and laid it on the bed, I saw that he already had a small joint rolled up. In fact, he had perhaps five or six joints already rolled up.

Before we began smoking any marijuana, I stood up and locked the room's two doors, one of which had two locks. One lock consisted of a button on the middle of the knob which I pushed in. With the other lock, I had to push the whole knob in and then turn it.

The other fellow said those doors did indeed need to be locked so we wouldn't get caught there smoking any marijuana.

I asked if the marijuana was any good. When he said it was, we began smoking. I hoped the pot was potent so I could get high just by smoking a small amount.

I also had a fairly large joint of my own which had marijuana falling out of it. I even pulled some of it out.

After smoking some, Weinstein and I rose, left and began walking together around the city. I told Weinstein I hadn't smoked marijuana in over four months, but that I could only slightly feel the effects of the marijuana we had just smoked. That caused me to wonder exactly what it was that marijuana did to a person. I thought, "What it really does was it makes you so you can't think as well. It affects you so you cannot think as well. I kinda regret doing it, that I've done it."

As I talked with Weinstein, I asked him how he liked still living in a dormitory. He seemed satisfied. We talked about what we were going to be doing in the future, and he appeared to be thinking of returning to college. Concerned about my future, I was unsure what I was going to be doing. I was even thinking of moving to New York City. I really didn't like living in Texas.

I wondered what I would do about Carolina, and although unsure, I thought I would probably bring her with me to New York City. But I was unsure exactly what I would do in New York. I would only have enough money to live on for a month or two. I figured I would simply have to try to find a job. I did know that I was tired of living in Texas and that I would like to do something different.

Continuing on, Weinstein and I smoked some more marijuana together.

Finally we boarded Weinstein's white car and began riding around. Weinstein, not paying attention to where he was going, drove off the left side of the road into a ditch. After stepping out of the car and assessing the situation, I picked the car up by its side and pulled it out of the ditch as if it were practically weightless.

As I got back in on the passenger side, I saw that the door handle had been smashed. We again began driving along, and I noticed that some blue water appeared to be flowing in the road. In fact, the road almost seemed to consist of clear blue water which was quite beautiful. I commented to Weinstein about how blue and pretty the water was.

I felt quite lost. I didn't like what I was doing in Texas, but I was unsure of what else to do. There was a strong possibility that I would move to New York.

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