Dream of: 29 May 1989 "Chromium Man"

I was on my way to school, driving a silver-colored car which I had painted orange all over except for the right side. I was thinking I also needed to paint the right side. As I drove along, it also seemed as if I were outside the car and could see it going by. I noticed that even the window of the driver's side had been painted over and I thought it needed to be rolled down if the car were being driven. 

I had painted my arms and legs with a shinny silver paint. As I drove along, I also began thinking I would likewise paint my face. I dipped my right fingers into some paint which I had with me and I began putting it on my face like mascara. I rubbed it all over my face, even into my eyebrows, although I would have preferred not to have gotten the paint on them. When I had finished, all exposed areas of my body were silver, and I thought of calling myself the "Chromium Man."


I had decided I wasn't going to go to school. I only had one class to go to today, and I decided to simply to skip it. Mainly I was concerned about how everyone would react to my silver color. Indeed, I expected I may be expelled. The school probably had some kind of rule which would prohibit my painting my body the way I had, and I just didn't want a confrontation. I thought I should be allowed to paint my body this way if I want, but I knew everyone would be surprised to see me like this. They all thought I was just a regular person, but I knew that I was actually very different from the others. I just acted normal so I wouldn't be considered weird. If I went to school painted like this, they were going to realize how strange I really was, and I didn't think I was ready for that.


I was standing outside a white frame house and through an open window I could hear people whom I knew talking inside. I stood in the doorway for an instant and then I covered my face and I dashed away. I stopped, crouched under a window and then tried to slip away, but I was sure a young girl from inside was going to come after me. I didn't want them to see me with this paint on me.


I was standing in a restroom with a woman who had been in the house. We were standing and looking at each other face to face. I was explaining to her that I wanted to take off the paint. I showed her how it had already begun cracking and peeling off my arms, but not yet off my face. It also seemed that in my mind I had a picture of what would happen when it came off my face. The hair on my eyebrow apparently had been somewhat damaged and part of it was hanging straight down, but it was supposed to recover when the paint comes out. Although I basically had liked the idea of being the Chromium Man, I was ready for the paint to come off.

The woman seemed sympathetic to my plight and she seemed to understand my reasons for painting myself. She realized I was quite individualistic and she didn't seem critical at my attempts at individualization. At the same time, she seemed completely ready to help me take off the paint.

She was oriental, probably Chinese. She had black hair, was shorter than I, and quite attractive. Her figure was quite appealing, not thin and not fat. She was wearing bright red lipstick. I had known her quite a while, although we had never been very close. As we now talked, I realized just how attracted I was to her. Sensing that she was likewise attracted to me, I reached out and pulled her lips to mine. She didn't resist and we both opened our mouths to each other. The kiss was immensely satisfying. She seemed experienced, yet still very fresh. As we kissed, I felt as if we were both committing ourselves to each other, as if this were something neither of us would do lightly. We both seemed to be giving ourselves up to the other. I could also feel that I was beginning to have an erection, but I was unsure whether she could tell since her lower body wasn't pressed tightly to mine.

The kiss continued for perhaps three minutes. When we stopped, we both knew that our relationship had definitely changed.

She mentioned that she had been involved before in this type of relationship. She seemed to know what she was doing. I felt quite good. I knew parts of my life would have to change if I were going to be with her, but that was fine with me. I very much wanted to be with her. Finally she got into a car and drove off. I knew I would see her later.

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