Dream of: 27 May 1989 (5) "Modern College"

I had gone to what was apparently a brand new college which had been built in north Dallas, but it seemed more like a high school than a college. I was with another fellow who was a friend of mine. He and I were going to leave soon, but first he had to take care of something and he asked me to wait while he did it. I sat down in a chair and watched the students pass. Looking up, I could see that a big area of the floor on the second story over my head was made of glass. Students were walking across the glass and it suddenly occurred to me that if a girl in a dress walked across the glass, I would be able to see up her dress. In fact one rather fat girl walked along the edge of the glass and I could partially see up her dress. I felt a bit embarrassed doing what I was doing, because I was afraid someone would see me and figure it out. Although I watched for quite a while, everyone who walked across the glass was wearing pants, so finally I got up and walked away.

I was impatient to leave, but I couldn't leave without my friend. I kept looking for him but just couldn't find him anywhere.

As I walked around I noticed how young the students seemed to me. I also noticed how loud they seemed. They all seemed to either be talking or yelling. I thought about how quiet I was and I concluded that my quietness was something which had come with age. It seemed as if I really had little to talk about anymore.

I was particularly interested in the design of the school. It was quite modern and the halls and rooms seemed arranged in circular patterns. I contrasted it to normal highschools with straight halls filled with rectangular lockers. This was indeed far better esthetically, but I wondered if this school was big on form and short on substance. It seemed as if I had read something about this new school having not adequately provided for modern study facilities.

I walked down into a basement area which also contained halls, classrooms and students. Walking along the curving hall, I came to what appeared to be a cafeteria, but when I got closer, I saw that it was actually a restaurant, and apparently a fairly nice one. The napkins were folded and standing on the tables, but people were only sitting at one table. I thought it might be too expensive for the students, but I wasn't worried that it would be too expensive for me. I wanted to see the menu first, before deciding whether I wanted to eat here.

I walked up to a black fellow at the front counter and asked for a menu. He handed me one and I quickly looked it over. They had tacos, among many other plates. The prices seemed reasonable. In fact I could probably get off for as cheap as $5.

Still unsure I wanted to eat yet, I walked back into the hall. In one classroom I saw a fellow (perhaps 18 years old) barking orders at someone else. One of his top front teeth was missing on his left side. It occurred to me that I had seen several students here with missing teeth. I concluded that although most of the students here seemed to have come from well-off families, some apparently hadn't. I was unsure where they had come from.

Having returned to the restaurant and sat down, I was brought a plate which consisted of something round sprinkled with sliced almonds, and some dark-looking liquid substance. Taking a bite, I realized the round thing was a tasty vanilla ice cream, and that the dark substance was hot fudge. It was quite good.

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