Dream of: 27 May 1989 (4) "Drowning In Manure"

I was in a barn, apparently on the Gallia County Farm, with my mother (about 30 years old) and my brother (about 7-8 years old) We were working in a rectangular area about two meters wide and about five meters long, which was completely covered with manure. Suddenly my mother began sinking in the manure and quickly went in over her head. Without hesitation I jumped headfirst into the manure after her and groped around for her. I was quickly able to grab her, began pulling her out of the manure and managed to pull her up to a safe area.

No sooner had I finished than I saw my brother had sunk into the manure. Again I dived in and groped around. I swam all around in the manure for about five minutes, risking drowning in the foul substance myself, but I couldn't find him anywhere. Finally I realized even if I found him now it would be too late. He would be already dead. I gave up the search and pulled myself back up onto solid ground.

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